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For a variety of reasons, a building cannot always meet all the requirements according to the laws, ordinances and technical building regulations. An existing building that needs to be preserved, forward-looking architecture or special usage, requirements are often not fully in line with fire protection regulations and generate issues for which we offer the solution:

Modern fire protection with engineering methods and Fire Simulation

Using field models (FDS), fire progressions and fire effects (also as input data for structural investigation or hot design), smoke propagation or smoke dissipation as well as pollutant concentrations can be investigated. This results in a wide range of possibilities for:

Justification of deviations (e.g. oversized fire compartments).
Optimization and verification of the effectiveness of system technology (e.g. sprinkler protection, smoke extraction and smoke dissipation)
Savings in construction costs through optimized and protection-goal-oriented fire protection requirements (e.g. calculation of the required number of smoke outlet openings in the roof area)

…und vielem mehr.

We assure you an economic solution tailored to your building project based on generally accepted scientific and technical standards (DIN 18009-1, vfdb TB 04-01) and guarantee an approvable individual solution through close contact with the authorities involved.

The evacuation routes of a building ensure the highest protection goal in the construction industry: the integrity of people. With appropriate...

With the appropriate care, therefore, evacuation routes must be examined, especially when not all the requirements of building regulations or occupational health and safety regulations can be met. As a solution, we offer for this:

Modern fire protection with engineering methods and Evacuation simulation

By means of microscopic models (Pathfinder), we find individual and risk-appropriate solutions for securing evacuation routes. For the entire range of tasks, such as:

  • Venue and event planning
  • Exhibition buildings and recreational facilities
  • Sales outlets and shopping centers
  • Patient evacuation in nursing homes and hospitals
  • Sprawling and cluttered industrial and commercial buildings
  • Public buildings such as train stations and airports

We support you with comprehensible investigations and detailed explanations to the responsible authorities to ensure the approval of your individual solution.

The preparation of fire protection concepts is the main task of our office activities.
The main focus is on successfully mediating between the interests of the client and the legal and regulatory requirements.

On the web of laws, ordinances and technical regulations, we want to show you the best way to get your building project approved, while always keeping an eye on the costs.

No two building projects are alike, and it is not always possible to implement individual fire protection requirements of the existing legal basis without further ado. In personal discussions with approval authorities, adequate measures are agreed upon and presented in a comprehensive fire protection concept in a coherent and comprehensible manner.
Our personal experience ranges from industrial buildings to office and administrative buildings - from residential buildings to office towers.

»A picture is worth a thousand words«

A visual representation of the required fire protection measures in addition to the textual part helps to quickly grasp the requirements described.

Specialist planners use fire protection plans as planning aids and to integrate the measures into their own, specialist planning. Authorities use them to check the planned fire protection measures.

Fire protection plans are CAD-based created by us and are a central part of a fire protection concept. Every fire protection concept and every expert opinion of our office is visualized according to the purpose.
For large projects, we work with various Internet platforms and can thus guarantee efficient information and project management.

For the fire protection assessment of delimited issues outside a fire protection concept and for the evaluation of individual questions, fire protection opinions are important decision-making aids for building owners as well as for those involved in planning and execution.

If different technical solutions of smaller or larger scope are to be weighed against each other or object-specific measures are to be developed, then fire protection technical opinions are the right medium.

At the beginning of a revitalization project, a precise inventory, evaluation and documentation of the existing structural and fire protection substance is carried out. Based on the findings, we work with you to develop an economically viable solution for upgrading the building and its systems.

We pay particular attention to applicable legal bases and technical regulations in order to achieve cost, planning and future security for the structural plant.

It is a long way from the project idea to realization.
Legal requirements and technical regulations concerning fire protection often influence the planned construction method or even the feasibility, so that goals and possibilities are not always clear.

A feasibility analysis lays the essential foundations for secure decisions and the further planning phases. It contributes to the client's cost security and forms the basis for a comprehensive fire protection concept.

In order to ensure the professional implementation of the fire protection measures from the fire protection concept as well as other official requirements, the support of the specialist planners involved in the implementation planning is essential.

On request, we define and check the interaction of all fire protection equipment to ensure optimal interface coordination and that the systems function as intended.

Many years of experience in the participation in the execution planning of large projects and the interface coordination of fire protection ensure you an optimal overall planning.

In order to ensure professional execution of the fire protection measures, continuous construction support and object monitoring is required. By taking over the fire protection site management, we can actively support the executing companies and effectively coordinate them in case of deficiencies.

In the case of professional execution, we confirm this with the fire protection certificate of conformity for the acceptance by the building authorities.

Cost and deadline pressures can lead to execution errors, even among highly qualified specialist companies. To ensure that these defects are recognized and eliminated, we create documentation for you in plan and picture.

During regular follow-up inspections, the documentation is updated and the elimination of defects is thus effectively advanced.

Buildings of a special type and use require a person who is more concerned with fire protection issues. The tasks of this fire protection officer are to be adapted to the respective company.

The range of tasks is diverse and extends from the supervision of a production facility to the evacuation concept for a meeting place.

We would be happy to take on the task of finding the right level of operational fire protection for you, implementing it and continuing it consistently.

Unambiguous instructions and clear information on how people can get to safety most quickly in the event of danger form the basis for escape and rescue plans. Our office's plans comply with regulations and standards (DIN 4844-3, BGV A8).

Due to the uniqueness of a building, fire department plans are created in coordination with the responsible fire department based on DIN 14095. Essential information at a glance is the basis for correct and quick decisions by the incident commander in case of danger.

Fire protection regulations represent a summary of basic rules coordinated for behavior in the event of a fire. From alerting to extinguishing attempts and evacuation of persons, they describe the correct behavior in the event of danger.

Together with you, as the operator, we develop a safety concept that is tailored to your operational conditions and thus effectively contributes to the protection of people.

Lectures on practical construction issues and on the detection and avoidance of fire protection deficiencies have been the focus of our lecturing activities in recent years.

Within the framework of seminars and advanced training courses, we are happy to fulfill your individual training requirements on all topics of preventive fire protection.

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